Monday, August 2, 2010

Keylime Pie

So I'm on a new CT... I know I'm crazy. You must all think that I have no life. I promise I do, I'm just a very fast scrapper :)
My new CT boss is Designs by Snowlady. No I didn't just join her CT because I love snow ;)
I checked out her store ahead of time and I love her stuff. She is a guest designer at STS for the next couple of months so if you like her stuff you better let STS know so they'll keep her around!
Today I want to show you Keylime Pie. I just love the mix of neutrals and brights. These colors are so awesome and the kit is so versatile. I have no photos of keylime pie and I still made some awesome layouts :) Haha ok enough of my bad jokes, check out these previews! (linked to the store) Oh and and as an awesome little extra, The kit is on sale this week for just $2.50!Here are my layouts: and as a special treat for you all, I turned my last layout into a QP for you all. I hope you like it. You can get the download on my blog here.
And don't forget to head on over to the STS store and pick up Keylime Pie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happily Ever After

Today I want to show you a new kit from Scraps By Andrea. It's called Happily Ever After. It's so adorably cute, I can't stand it. It's perfect for all of your little Prince or Princess photos. Check out these super cute previews (linked to the store)
Here are my layouts
And here is my freebie for you. I made two borders so they'll work perfectly if you have boys or girls :)
Download my freebie on my blog here.
And don't forget to check out Happily Ever After here.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Scrapper's got talent Sponsors

As you have previously read, I made it into the final round of This Scrapper's Got Talent Scrapping competition at STS. When the ladies and I moved on from one round to the next, we were given some amazing little freebies. Since the designers were so nice as to give away these awesome minis to those moving on in the contest, I wanted to give them all a shout out. Below are my layouts I have done with the free minis I got and they are linked (so are the designer's names in case the photo links aren't working, I'm still having trouble with them) to the designers stores so if you like what you see, you can go check out their stuff :)
Kit is Captured by Designs by Ashlee Kit is Grungy Bugs by Digital Scrap Fun Kit is Super Happy Crazy Fun by Jenasis DesignKit is Hit the Road by Scrapalicious Cereal
Kit is Summer Sorbet by Rainamoon ScrapsThis last one is Wish For Today by Just for fun. I have a couple of her kits since she sometimes gives them away at speed scraps (yet another reason for you to join STS and check out the challenges) She doesn't have a store so doing a speed scrap she hosting is the only way to get them at the moment... Well the only way I know of :) She is a great designer and CT scrapper and one of my favorite ladies at STS. I've linked this layout to her blog. She is definitely someone you will all want to follow.

I we also got coupons and other minis I haven't used yet from:

This Little Missy


SAHM Scrapper

Charm City Scraps

The Scrappy Kat - I used her kit to do my week five two page layout. The kit is amazing. I love it :)

I think that's everyone but if I forgot someone, Please yell at me so I can fix it. I want all the amazing designers that made the competition great to be recognized!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Scrapper's Got Talent

I can't remember if I told you before and I'm too lazy to look it up :) but I was a participant in STS's This Scrapper's Got Talent competition. I didn't win but but I did make it to the final round. It was a total blast and I feel so lucky to have made it so far. If you get a chance, you should head on over and check out the This Scrapper's Got Talent Gallery. The layouts the ladies did are fantastic. You'll see why I was lucky to get as far as I did, there were some super amazing ladies competing against me.
Today I wanted to show you the Layouts I did for each weekly challenge.

Week one was a layout all about ourselves. It could only have one photo and we had to be in it. Our layouts also had to include the words "I am" in the title and the journaling had to be all fragments, no full sentences. First week and already it was a challenge :)
Here is my week one layout:
Kit is Elegant Mess by Joyce Paul
Font's Are Arial, A Yummy Apology, Aka Frivolity, Beautiful Ink, Blue HighWay Condensed, Burnstown Dam, Beyond Wonderland, Dingle Berries and Foilex Girls

Week two was a two page layout with our "Top Ten" favorites...we could pick whatever theme we wanted as long as it was a top ten favorite something :) We had to have ten photos included.
I had been wanting to scrap my Sesame street Live photos and but I didn't have any inspiration until this week. I loved it, and I wrote the little top ten poem myself :)

Here is are my week two layouts:
Kit is by Julia Fialho
Font is MTF Peach Cobbler

Jouraling for both pages reads:
How do I love thee Sesame Street
Let me Count the ways

{1} There's Big Bird and Abby and Cookie and Grouch.
{2} There's Reading
{3} There's Learning, So much fun from my couch.
{4} There's singing
{5} There's dancing
{6} There's fun with my friends.
{7} There's sharing.
{8} There's caring.
{9} The lessons never end.
{10} But the best! Yes the Best by far, is ELMO!
He is the Star!

When my hubby told me that he got tickets to Sesame Street Live, I
was both nervous and excited. We'd never taken the kids to a movie
theater before and I had no idea how they would act during a live
performance. I was the most anxious about my little LoLo. he had just
turned 1. Berti might be able to pay attention once she saw Elmo but
LoLo had a very small attention span. I packed cookies
and coloring
books and a couple toys in my diaper bag just in case the kiddos
needed a little more entertainment. It turns out that I didn't need
to bring anything at all. As soon as the music started, the kids were
mesmerized. The letter of the day was "I" and they sang songs all
about their imaginations. There were pirate ships and Jungle safaris
and a trip under the sea with a glow in the dark octopus
(mommy's favorite part) It was actually a really good show. The
music was great. Big Bird was super funny and both Liberty and
Logan loved dancing along to the music. The kids were so wiped out
they slept the whole way home and went straight to bed. It was the
first time we all got to go out and do something together as a family
and it was GREAT family night!

oh and for those friends of mine that notice I accidentally put 2009 instead of 2010, I did catch it and change it for the version I'm printing out :) Week three was a journaling challenge. We had to have over 200 words. We could only use one photo and there couldn't be any people or animals in the photo. I really really love what I did!
Here is my week three layout:
Kit is Wild Hearts by Michelle Coleman
Font is Century Gothic
Word art is included in the Kit

Journaling Reads:
Do what you love
Be who you want to be
I have always thought of myself as a creative person. I sing, I draw, I paint, I quilt, I make my own jewelry and now I Scrap *insert smiley face here* I think it comes easy for me because I come from such a creative family. My Mother and Father are both musicians. Not by career but by talent. My Mom plays piano, beautifully, and my Dad
plays everything else. You name it, he plays it. The amazing thing about him is that he doesn't read notes. He plays by ear. So he can pick up almost any instrument, start playing and within a few minutes start playing good. It is really really cool. I didn't inherit his gift with instruments but I did inherit his talent of voice. Music is amazing to me. I sing along to the radio all day long. I can't survive without it playing in the background. Especially when I'm being artistic.
Now neither my Mother or my Father can draw further than stick people
(my Mom's stick people are actually really cute) That talent I get from my Grandma. She is amazing. She didn't even pick up a paint brush until the she was in her 50's. And her work is
incredible. She says she doesn't know how to draw, she just paints! She paints landscapes and animals. She paints from pictures and she loves recreating the classics. One of my favorite paintings is “Nel's Peterson Farm” She painted the old barn in 2007. Since it was the old family barn, she made prints to give to all of her children. She still wanted everyone to have an original painting so she painted a little bit on all of
the prints so everyone would have an original.
She is by far my biggest inspiration. When I am home visiting my mom, The barn hangs over the couch in the living room. It is the first thing I notice when I walk in and it always inspires me to go back home and create.
Simply Me...put together creatively
Week four was a monotone challenge. I think this was the easiest layout to do since color was the only criteria.
Here is my week four layout: Kit is Edge of the Woods Collaboration by Miss Vivi, Jill Creation and Cali Dilo
Word art is by Carley's Digi Scraps
Font is Gungsuh
Journalling reads:
You are my dream come true. I Love you. I cherish every moment with you. I believe in your smile. You give me the courage to be who I need to be. You amaze me everyday and fill my heart with faith and joy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that You Inspire Me.
Week five (the final week) was a progressive scrap. Our first instructions were two make a two page layout. It had to have 6 papers, one of them in an irregular shape and three photos. All the photos had to be edited in the same way. I chose to extract since I almost never extract and I wanted to challenge myself.
After we did that, we had to email it in before we got our final set of directions and we couldn't move anything from our first layout.
Our second set of directions was to use 15 elements however we wanted but we had to duplicate one of them 5 times.
Here are my final layouts:
Kit is Funky Town by The Scrappy Kat
Fonts are AKA Frivolity, Andalus and Dingle Berries
Umbrella Template is from Designs by LK
Elements and how many I used:

Circle frame (1)
Beaded stitching (2)
Orange butterfly (6)
Teal butterfly (5)

Staple (4)
Clip (1)
Teal bow (1)
Teal doodle flower (1)
Teal and orange doodle flower (1)
Teal flower (1)
Butterfly Button (2)
Orange flower (1)
Orange button (1)
Metal lined Butterfly brad (3)
Metal lined grey bead (2)
Journaling Reads:
Me and My Umbrella
She's singing in the... Sunshine!
When Berti found Mommy's umbrella
She didn't care that it wasn't raining.
She ran around in the backyard
twirling and spinning and

laughing in the sunshine.
When the Sun shines down on me
Umbrellas go up
When the sun shines down,
When the sun shines down on me.
Umbrells go up

When the weather is hot
To keep the sun off me!

During the competition, as we advanced from one week to the next we were given some amazing coupons and mini kits. Soon I will post a blog advertising for the amazing ladies who donated during competition so look out for that! :) Love you all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Star to the Right Layouts and a QP Freebie

This month I decided to use my own kit for both of the font challenges (one at Stuff to Scrap, one at Digi Scrap Drive In) and I'm really happy with the two page layout I ended up with. So happy in fact that I decided to turn page 2 into a QP for you :)
Here is my page one, font is MTF Notebook
Here is my page two, Font is Sunshine in My Soul (to download QP click here)

And if you want to download the whole kit-Still for FREE- you can find it here!

And for those who were interested, I have decided to make an add on to this kit. If you have any suggestions for what kind of papers or elements you want to see, please let me know :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garden Party QP Freebies

Today is our final day for freebies... well for this week anyways :)
Today you get Our Qp's.
Go get Ke'ls at

and get mine at

I hope you've enjoyed our first collaboration and please let us know what you think!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April’s Challenges – Theme, Use It, Lyric

SweetBeginnings small

Pixel Packs 1 & 2 by 2 Little Pixels; Tweet Tweet by Misty O'Brien; Victoria by Crea Bisontine; Whimsy by 3 Paper Peonies; Dream by 3 Paper Peonies;

Font is CK Ali's Hand Official;

drip drop small

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb by The Scrappy Kat;

Fonts are Pea Jack and Jane, and Freeze!;

little man small

Not the Gumdrop Buttons by Miss Kim Designs;

Font is Smitten Kitten;

Spring small

Felt like Gardening by Scrapalicious Cereal;

Fonts are Pea Posey, Pea Anna-Banana, and Oh {Photo} Shoot;

Garden Party Add-on Freebie

Hey Everyone, Here are the Previews to our Add-ons. Follow the Links below to download on our blogs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Garden Party Freebie

This week Kel and I will be giving away our first Collaboration Kit. We are very excited and we would love to hear any feedback you long as it's nice :)Haha Anyways, here are the previews to each one of our parts. Please follow the links below each preview to download from our blogs:

Come back tomorrow for our Add-on Kits

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally Caught Up!

Yay! My last two LO’s to catch up on!


Grow by Mel Hains Designs; Bubbly Alpha by Miss Kim Designs; Ozark Mountain High Road by Miss Kim Designs;
Font is Pea Lauren America;

rio turia small

Happy Summer Collab by Digital Crea Designers; Tag Templates by Delicious Scraps;
Fonts are Honey Script and Pea Annalee Script;


Plus! Jess and I got into the designing groove and made not 1, not 2, but 3 different kits while I was down there! Our first release will be Garden Party, and these are my two previews that will come out sometime in the next week or so!

Preview small Preview Small

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few more catch-ups!

I think I’m nearing the end actually, one more post after this should do it! The LO’s in this post are some of my absolute favorites though!

motto challenge small 

Vintage Garden by JW Digi-Scraps; Hands of Time by Scraps of Ellay; Le Temps Qui Passe by Cajoline Scraps; Hola Amigos by Honey Designs;
Font is Pea Steph;

motto spain small

Circus by Honey Designs; I'm Yours by Decrow Designs; Darjeeling by Sweet Tomato Designs; My Father's Son by Honey Designs;
Fonts are Cry Kitty and Pea Ambre;

sundays with friends small

Everyday Moments Sampler by Little Red Scraps; Font is Scrubble;

 up and down small

Whimsy by 3 Paper Peonies; You Belong to Me Too by A-liya Designs; Love & Hope by Jaelop Designs; Leaves Vol. 1 by Ching Jp's Designs; Precious as You by Ching Jp's Designs; Black Night by Jaelop Designs; French Tulips by B2N2 Scraps; Strawberry Flavor by Ching JP's Designs;
Font is Pea Posey.

who am i small

Happy Papers by Growing Pains Scrapped; Strawberry Flavors by Ching JP's Designs; Freebie Brad from 3 Paper Peonies; Precious as You by Ching JP's Designs; 2 Little Bots by Stacy's Scraps; Fresh by Jensen Motley Crew Designs; Ad Challenge Alpha by Jesse Edwards; Green Thumb Alpha by Tina Chambers; Mec Urbains by Creations Pasko;
Fonts are Pea Posey, Pea Madsen, Pea Lauren America, Pea Kate, Pea Karlee, Pea Jack and Jane, Pea Darlin' Deb

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Catching Up!!

Alright, so…. This is another very pic heavy posting. I’m attempting to catch up without overloading each post with too many photos so here were go again!

arboretum small

Tags for You by Ching JP's Designs; YOUhooo by VB Designs;
Font is Redstar;

Dream small

Love Falls by Nicole Young Designs;

jardines del real

Happy Papers by Growing Pains, Scrapped; Borders, Borders by Momma's Scraps; Enzo by My crevette; Java Joe by Raspberry Road;
Fonts are Pea Steph and Scrubble.

lauras small

You Belong To Me Too by A-liya's Designs;
Font is Pea Darlin' Deb

red dress small

Date Night by Sir Scrap-a-Lot;
Font is Pea stacy's Doodle Script;

Riding Up small

Iron Alpha by Elegant Word Art by Bethany; Summer Sherbet Alpha by Scrap Shana; Love & Hope by Jaelop Designs;
Font is Pea Madsen;

science small

Essential Whites by Emily Giovanni; Essential Blacks by Emily Giovanni; Smoked by Sandra Cheng; Change by 3 Paper Peonies; Spooked by 3 Paper Peonies; Adore by 3 Paper Peonies; Home Sweet Home by Becky Young Designs; Love Bots by Dani Moy Designs; Home for the Holidays by Cora's Creations; 365 Freebie 1 & 2 by Cora's Creations; Music of the Night by Jamie Dell Scraps; Enzo by My Crevette; Itsy Bitsy Alpha by Stacy's Scraps;
Font is Courier New;

Even though I LOVE this page, I cannot stand the work that Jessie made me put into it. I think this took me at least two hours to finish in a way that I actually liked, but when it was done (as you can see now) it was definitely something I am proud to have created!

Stolen Heart Small

Victoria Freebie Add-on by Crea Bisontine;
Font is Pea Darlin' Deb;


More from me tomorrow!